Multifunctional Service Center, Competition 1st prize

Architectural Concept

Monofunctional structures do not correspond to the architecture and the urban development of the 21st century.

Future urban development will mirror the complexity of people’s intellectual and material lives. This is why not only the media represent the urban culture of tomorrow, but architecture does too.

For us, a city must convey diversity and tension.

The Europaplatz center situated on the western edge of the old part of St. Pölten might act as an ideal counterbalance vis-à-vis the new government sector. Both areas, as centers of gravity, would turn into fields of crystallization triggering different developments.

“When locating the building volumes on the lot, the radials of the existing water veins were simulated on the model by pumping in air. The objects were displaced by the air, and the resulting arrangement became the point of departure for the design.”

The "subtle energy network" as catalyst for the urban planning structure


Built Unbuilt

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