Feasability Study

ZAK – Zukunftsakademie

The International Future Academy is the model for a new definition of the “university” of the future.

“Because the future is an interaction of prediction and change, architecture becomes a three-dimensional symbol of these points of intersection and overlapping. The building is thus a symbol of the networking of the real and virtual aspects of nature and technology.”

As the name already makes clear, a future academy can only be determined in advance for a specific time frame. An auditorium may need 20 seats today but perhaps 500 the day after tomorrow, hence it must have an alterable volume within the system of access and circulation. Vertical access to spaces is normally achieved by a so-called core. In the case of the ZAK, however, this “core” is moved to the outside, in the form of a rising spiral; “it is dynamic and moves, not in a straight line but in curves” like time.




COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky
Project Architect: Frank Stepper
Team: Sarah Glosauer, Sophie Grell, Andreas Mieling, Christina Schinegger, Markus Pillhofer, Andreas Ruby, Roman Siegle


Built Unbuilt

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