The Icon of sound - Rock Hall of Fame - Cleveland

The Icon of sound - Rock Hall of Fame - Cleveland


Cleveland, USA



Hangang District in Handan Belview Apartments



Our studio is and has always been close to music. You can see this for example in the fact that every team member can play an instrument. I want to tell you a story which is a reference to the point of departure for the concept of our project. I don’t know whether this story ist true, but if not, it's nevertheless a good story. It touches the bottom of art like the bellyacher's story in Tarkovsky's movie, the bellmaker. I was always fascinated by the music of the rolling stones. Especially by the song Gimme Shelter, which became the hymn of Coop Himmelb(l)au. The intro of this song, played by Keith, was an inspiration for many projects we designed. The point is that I always quoted the last tone of this riff as a sound description of a new building material of future architecture. Hard and soft at the same time. The story goes like that: a friend (of Keith) left his old and grumpy guitar in Keith's apartment. Keith played it and since it sounded very good, he took it in the studio where the Stones recorded Let it Bleed. When he played the intro, he bent the guitar so hard to get this special sound that the neck broke. So this powerful tone cannot be repeated. Out of the irrepeatable we created the gestalt for this new icon for the rock n roll hall of fame.

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