Concept Text

The feeling of the inside stretches the skin of the outside.

Created from an explosive sketch.
Drawn with eyes closed in intense concentration; the hand acts as a seismograph, recording the feelings that the space will evoke.

It was not the details that were important at that moment, but the radiance of light and shadows, brightness and darkness, height and width, whiteness and vaulting, the view and the air.

The house - slanted body and vaulted skin - is one hundred square meters. Accessible only by a flight of stairs.

The flow of energy in the drawing is translated into concrete form and structure. The building itself - resting on two points and taut - almost floats.

The construction of the anchoring provides the possibility for a double-glazed skin. It is protected from the sun by adjustable louvers, which can also change the lighting.

By tipping the space, a double-shelled structure arises. It is suitable for a passive energy concept, as well as any subsequent changes to the installation.

There is no predetermined division of the living area. That will be decided after the completion of the house, or never:
That, too, is Open Architecture.


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