The House with the Flying Roof

The House with the Flying Roof


London, United Kingdom


Exhibition,Object,Early works

Like Sugar. White on White House of Music II

Actionist performance and temporary installation

The House with the Flying Roof

“Real and conceptual interventions in the existing situation - though the starting point must be sufficiently painful - visibly alter seemingly indispensable reality.”


The object was realized together with students as part of a seminar at the Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London.

The goal was to present architecture as an action and as a process.

The simulation of the flying roof was the intellectual premise for the architectural changes and destructions inside the house - for example, grass began to grow in the unprotected rooms, and the rain turned into a waterfall through the perforated floors.
The action was carried out in a run-down London neighborhood and - at least for a time - thwarted plans to demolish the entire neighborhood.





Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky


Built Unbuilt

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