Hangang District in Handan

Hangang District in Handan


Handan, China


Urban Planning,Not realized

Museum and Theater Complex Kemerovo The Icon of sound



The main idea for the transformation of the Hanging district is to open the former urban void back to the city. Revitalization of nature, landscapes and waterways will bring benefits to the wellbeing of the future inhabitants and the whole city.

A new innovation and science city can become an attractor for companies to settle, a healthy and sustainable environment will be attractive for real estate developments.

Entertainment and leisure parks will support urban life and create destinations for inhabitants of the district and tourists from all over china and the world. Traces of the Zhao State heritage will be marked in the new layout of the district, as well as remaining structures of the Han Gang industry which both gave the city its cultural and technological foundations. Those traces will become the main guidelines to develop the new Nature Heritage District and its potential to become a role model for the future cities developments. 

Display of the past and lookouts to the future will enhance motivation, inspire and lead coming generations the path to health, growth and prosperity.


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