The New Faisal Islamic Bank HQ & Cultural Centre in Khartoum combines the requirements of a modern Bank Head Quarter with a Cultural Centre in a unique way and forms an unprecedented landmark. The 70 meter high-rise profile is a solitary figure seen from all of the important views of Khartoum and its form and presence becomes a significant fixed point in the Khartoum skyline.

The Building Typology
The new Faisal Islamic Bank tower combines environmental, economic and social aspects in one contemporary headquarter building.  A sculptural and self-supporting concrete façade covers and connects through a central atrium two straight towers representing the Islamic Bank and the Culture Centre. This dialogue between the two components creates an autonomous microclimate inside the building, generated by a hanging garden in the atrium, presents the following advantages:

  • Creation of differentiated office spaces in floor plan development and directed views.
  • Dynamic shaping of the atrium space between the Office Tower and the Cultural Centre acting as a communication forum with informal meeting spaces and short connections between the functions of the two towers.
  • A basis for optimizing the full benefits of sustainable energy concepts, such as passive sun protection and natural ventilation for cooling as well as shading of natural daylight. Spherical openings act as a contemporary interpretation of traditional Islamic patterns and enable stunning daylight effects in the interior.

Architecture and Energy Design
The centrally placed vertical garden acts as a gravity cooling system. The ascending heat is drawn into the Hanging Garden to get cooled. As the cold air is descending the condensed water is used to moist the plants and fresh air flows out on the ground floor of the atrium where it is distributed in the entire building.


  • 2,732 m² Site Area
  • 27,150 m² Gross Floor Area
  • 265,229 m³ Volume
  • 70 m Height
  • 15 Floors



Planning: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH
Design Principal: Wolf D. Prix
Project Partner: Frank Stepper
Design Architect: Stephan Sobl
Project Team: Ursula Trost, Jan Rancke

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