ATMOS Selfness Resort

ATMOS Selfness Resort

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  • 30 ha Site Area
  • 15.500 m² Resort Area
  • 6.600 m² Apartments
  • 132 Apartmens




Like a silver lining in the sky, ATMOS sparkles a thousandfold in the Mediterranean sun, heralding the good life in architecture that celebrates the future. ATMOS is a place that catches one's breath. Conceived as an avant-garde selfness resort, as a biomechanical temple of the muses, as the headwaters of inspiration, ATMOS is a beacon of light on the Costa de la Creatividad.

ATMOS is not about temporary relaxation and well-being in an exquisite place. It’s about a lasting and positive change in one’s own life, about a pioneering spirit, creativity, entrepreneurship and humanity – inspired and stimulated by extraordinary conditions and offers. Creativity and innovative ideas are more in demand than ever. They are the engine of the economy, research, science and culture. They are what decides about success or failure. And yet creativity can’t be forced – on the contrary. Creativity requires freedom of a physical and psychological nature. Atmospheric places to come up for air, such as ATMOS, where the limitations of a working life are suspended.



Recuperation, inspiration, creation

ATMOS brilliantly combines unique possibilities for sharpening the mind, relaxing the body and activating new resources in oneself. It unites the amenities of a wellness oasis, the versatile offers of a sports area, space for work and a place to breathe deeply into one great whole, into a unique resort unlike anything that has existed before. ATMOS is the source of creativity. Time out or a new time – the prosperity of our society is defined by its freedom for self-determination and a commitment to serve the common good. The selfness concept underlying ATMOS values privacy along with individual aspirations. At the same time, it satisfies a longing for community. ATMOS is a legendary place, just as Knossos once was.

ATMOS has various space and framework programs for different needs – from the company headquarters and weekend apartment to a luxurious chalet. The tourists and visitors determine the length and type of their stay exactly as they wish. All offers in the areas of leisure, health, food and mindness can be freely combined, just like the required space and furnishings. The only thing that is incontrovertible in all areas of the resort is the aspiration to the highest quality. The spectrum ranges from the charming and excellently trained staff to exquisite interiors, intelligent design, magnificent art and culture all the way to innovative technology and new ecological benchmarks. The top class is where we start.


Breathing deeply – also for those who are deprived of it

Parallel to its unique service for guests, ATMOS also offers help, relaxation and a place to breathe freely to cystic fibrosis patients and their relatives. Five permanently available suites are furnished specifically for the needs of these patients. A dedicated health sphere ensures medical support along with superior therapy options. According to the current state of science, cystic fibrosis is an incurable disease caused by a genetic defect. It is hereditary and non-contagious. In addition to many complaints affecting the digestive system, cystic fibrosis patients mainly suffer from severely impaired lung functionality, which is caused by permanent mucilage. By now, continuous support by relatives or medical staff has led to a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

ATMOS is therefore also a palace of airs for all those who frequently lack air for breathing. This affects guests, patients and relatives in equal measures. The beautiful resort creates an atmosphere to breathe easily and deeply. This recovery process is supported by outstanding architecture that has never been seen before and that knows how to use the ideal climate conditions of the location and improve them by a nuance. From the beach to the mountain top, the reception to the suite, ATMOS offers a fresh wind that carries a touch of healing salt.

The new, personalized treatment concepts and ideal climate make it possible to expect a further improvement in the life expectancy – breath by breath. The stay and medical offers at ATMOS are provided to cystic fibrosis patients and their relatives free of charge, financed by the operation of the selfness resort.



Based loosely on Aristotle, ATMOS is a place where economic practice is not a sphere that is purposeful and valuable in its own right, but rather one that is a means to a fulfilled and good life.


For further information on the project please visit the following webpage: ATMOS

Development in cooperation with the



Planning: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH
Design Principal: Wolf D. Prix
Design Partner: Karolin Schmidbaur

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